The prestigious “OPERA” Glass House is a state-of-the-art, free-standing piece of Italian architecture overlooking the paradisal Tanqueray Gin Garden.

A French, fine-dining restaurant with a Mediterranean touch, provides the gorgeous twist in the tale, with the ambiance of natural light in the Opera House.

Complete with an interactive kitchen and live DJ performances every weekend, you can enjoy our stylish cuisine while settling into the natural comfort of the

outdoors, imbuing the calming influence of the ocean.

This grand gazebo was flown in earlier in 2020, especially for Zuma, and is a statement piece that is certainly note-worthy of its name.

A dramatic gazebo, designed to showcase the best of both worlds… dripping in golden rays of sunlight during the day… you’ll find yourself catching glimpses of

stars at night!

With a specialized heating system to cater to the Durban Winters, the “OPERA” house makes for a perfect event venue for grand yet intimate events, all year