Kitchen Gangster

A long, painful and tedious journey that begins in the Arabian desert and continues on the scenic and sunny shores of South Africa…a paradisal, oceanic, oasis

called “Zuma” is a dream come true.

A fairy-tale and a nightmare, a journey filled with great pain and fury, disappointment and loss, be-headings and betrayal, deceit, courage, and eventually

triumph, KITCHEN GANGSTER is a memoir about a man’s deep love of music, his fiery passion for food, his ferocious tenacity, and the promise he made to

never give up, never back down, and never be second best!

A journey of self-discovery, he claimed the powerful spirit of a gambler, the heart of a warrior, and the mindset of a genius, this read will send chills down your


A nomadic living in-between two worlds did the impossible… The young teenager fled his country, turned his back on his family, his people – and God, and

eventually didn’t just succeed, but did so with overwhelming power and influence while dominating the circuit!

This is David Manal, AKA Chef Raw, and THIS is his life story.