CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra v13 Download

CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra v13

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CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra v13
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CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra v13


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Multilingual | 64 bit | pre-activated

CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra multilingual pre-activated (x64).

A centralized service point for mixing, editing and mastering your songs. Create the perfect recording environment. Let powerful AI tools create the perfect recording environment anywhere. Intelligently remove wind gusts, reverberation and reverberation from audio clips to hear dialogue and ambient sounds clearly.

Extract a song from any soundtrack

Separate vocals from your favorite songs or add your own backing tracks to your projects.

Get crystal clear speech

Restore and sharpen speech in your video and audio projects and create unmatched clarity even in noisy or loud environments.

Clear your voice

Use various restoration tools to get crisp, clear and noise-free vocals. No noise, noise, noise or distortion.

Restoration tools

– Dialogue outline

– Remove the explosive

– Reduces noise

– Eliminate clicks, pops, pops

– Elimination of distortions

– Removal of hissing sound

Create great podcasts and voiceovers

Create flawless podcasts and voiceovers with rich, balanced sound.

Studio quality tools to control your workflow

Increase the speed and quality of your production. Combine multiple effects, record from multiple channels, and apply your base voice to all audio files at once.

Integrated with PowerDirector.

Export your entire audio project from AudioDirector directly to PowerDirector. Your design changes are seamlessly synced between the two apps automatically.

What’s new:

Operating system:

– Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (64-bit operating system only)

– Microsoft Windows 10 or later is required to use artificial intelligence features

– Intel Core series and newer

– Haswell processor (4th generation): Core i7-4770 (Core and Xeon brands only) and higher required for AI functions

– AMD Phenom II and later

– AMD A8-7670K and higher, AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and higher required for AI functionality

– 128 MB VGA VRAM or more

– AI Expansion: 2 GBH VA VRAM or more

– 4GB required (8GB or more recommended)

– Requires a sound card compatible with Windows

– 1024 768, 16-bit color or higher

Language support:

– England

– French

– German

– Italian

– Spanish (European)

– Simplified Chinese

– Traditional Chinese

– Japanese

– Korean


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