Zuma Restaurant

Established in 2019, we set out with a visionary goal: to bring the unique tastes, experiences, and vibes of Mediterranean and Asian fusion cuisine to life. Our culinary journey is guided by a commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients. In addition to being a culinary destination, we proudly operate as an education academy, nurturing the talents and skills of aspiring chefs.

Meet Our Chef

With a remarkable and proven track record spanning over two decades in the food and beverage industry, my journey began from humble beginnings and has since soared to impressive heights. Starting as a diligent cleaner, I worked my way up to become a skilled chef, and eventually, a highly successful restaurateur. Along this incredible journey, I’ve had the privilege of managing a diverse array of over seven restaurants and fast-food outlets.

I am also the proud author of the highly acclaimed book “Kitchen Gangster,” available for purchase on Amazon.com, which has further solidified my reputation and influence in the culinary world.

My overarching mission is to harness my extensive experience and personal brand to establish enduring partnerships with prestigious international corporations, both within South Africa and abroad. I am passionately dedicated to creating long-term collaborations that not only enrich my career but also contribute to the global advancement and enrichment of the food and beverage industry.

Experience ZUMA

Our Zuma Restaurant experience is built upon the foundation of communal dining in an environment that nurtures the soul. We artfully blend a spectrum of bold and intense flavors, each thoughtfully paired with meticulously selected alcoholic beverages. This elevates not only the culinary journey but also immerses your palate in a symphony of exquisite taste sensations.

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Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Proposal

Empowering South Africa’s Cultural Heritage with SA Legacy Museum


We are delighted to extend a distinctive opportunity to your esteemed company, inviting you to engage in a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative aimed at preserving and celebrating South Africa’s rich cultural heritage. At the heart of this endeavor stands the SA Legacy Museum, a testament to the diverse tapestry of our nation’s history, highlighting the extraordinary journey of the Zulu nation and the multicultural influences that have shaped KwaZulu Natal. As a company that deeply values culture, heritage, and community enrichment, we invite you to join us in preserving and promoting this invaluable legacy through your CSI commitment.

About SA Legacy Museum:

The SA Legacy Museum is a beacon of cultural preservation, a living tribute to the indomitable spirit of a nation that has faced both struggles and triumphs. It serves as a sanctuary of cultural enrichment, inviting visitors to embark on a transformative journey of understanding and appreciation. Within its walls, you and your guests will have the privilege to view some of our art collections that exceed 400 in number, including the works of forgotten artists, part of repatriated art collections that enrich our shared heritage.

Project Objectives:

  1. Cultural Preservation: Contribute to the preservation and celebration of South Africa’s rich cultural heritage through dedicated support for the SA Legacy Museum.


  2. Educational Initiatives: Facilitate educational programs and experiences that promote cultural understanding and appreciation.


  3. Community Engagement: Engage employees, stakeholders, and the broader community in our shared commitment to cultural enrichment.


  4. Tourist Attraction: Enhance the appeal of South Africa as a tourist destination by establishing the SA Legacy Museum as a cultural landmark that draws visitors from around the world.


  5. Employment Generation: Contribute to local economic development by creating employment opportunities through museum operations and related activities.


  6. Supporting Emerging Artists: Provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talents, fostering their growth and recognition within the art community.

Proposed CSI Components:

  1. Value-Added Donation: Your company’s CSI investment of [Specify Amount] not only demonstrates your commitment to cultural heritage preservation but also offers a value-added opportunity. This unique contribution not only supports the SA Legacy Museum’s initiatives but also grants your company access to an enriching experience.

    • [Specify Amount] – Financial Contribution to SA Legacy Museum.
    • Exclusive Dining Experience: As a token of our appreciation for your generous donation, we invite you and your esteemed guests to experience a curated dining event at our renowned on-site restaurant. Immerse yourselves in a delightful culinary journey that pays homage to the diverse cultures of KwaZulu Natal. Our exquisitely crafted 3-course meal, expertly paired with a selection of drinks, promises to tantalize your senses and create lasting memories.
    • Private Art Viewing: In addition to the culinary experience, you and your guests will have the privilege to view some of our art collections that exceed 400 in number, including the works of forgotten artists, part of repatriated art collections that enrich our shared heritage. This exclusive art viewing promises to be a journey of discovery and cultural appreciation.
    • Exclusive Access for Your Guests: Your company’s valued guests will be granted exclusive access to this unique culinary and cultural experience, further enhancing your relationships and engagements.
  2. Tax Deductible Donation: We wish to emphasize that your contribution to the SA Legacy Museum is not merely an investment in cultural enrichment; it also carries the benefit of being a tax-deductible donation. This allows your company to leverage a 10% tax deduction for various corporate functions and occasions, thereby maximizing the impact of your support.

Allocation of Funds:

  1. Framing Cultural Legacy: A portion of your CSI investment will be allocated to framing South Africa’s cultural legacy. This includes endeavors to preserve and showcase existing art collections and historical artifacts, ensuring their perpetuity and accessibility to future generations.


  2. Repatriating Art from Around the World: Another substantial portion of your contribution will bolster the SA Legacy Museum’s mission of repatriating apartheid-era art from across the globe. This vital endeavor seeks to bring back pieces of our heritage that have been scattered worldwide, reuniting them with our cultural landscape.


  3. Schools’ Educational Programs: Our commitment to nurturing cultural awareness and appreciation among the youth will be further realized through the allocation of funds to develop and implement educational programs for schools. These initiatives will provide students with immersive experiences, workshops, and learning opportunities that foster a profound understanding of our nation’s rich cultural heritage.

Your support will facilitate the efficient allocation of resources to these pivotal areas, thereby creating a lasting impact on cultural preservation, education, community engagement, tourism, employment, and the promotion of emerging artists.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Preservation of Cultural Legacy: Your company’s CSI support will directly contribute to the repatriation and preservation of apartheid-era art, ensuring the safeguarding of South Africa’s cultural legacy.

  2. Enhanced Education: These endeavors will facilitate educational experiences that deepen cultural understanding and appreciation among young generations.

  3. Community Impact: Engaging your employees, customers, and stakeholders in meaningful cultural activities will foster a sense of belonging and unity within our community.

  4. Tourist Attraction: By establishing the SA Legacy Museum as a cultural landmark, your support will enhance South Africa’s appeal as a tourist destination, contributing to local economies.

  5. Employment Generation: Job creation through museum operations and related activities will bolster local economic development and provide opportunities for community members.

  6. Supporting Emerging Artists: Your support will provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to shine, nurturing their growth and recognition within the art community.

Measurement and Evaluation:

  • Regular reporting and updates on the progress and impact of the CSI project.
  • Annual assessments of the project’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives.


At SA Legacy Museum, we wholeheartedly acknowledge the profound importance of preserving cultural heritage and promoting cultural enrichment. Your partnership with us in supporting the SA Legacy Museum will not only serve as a guardian of our cultural legacy but also as an inspiration for future generations.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to discuss the particulars of this proposal and collaborate closely to bring this meaningful CSI project to fruition. Together, we can empower South Africa’s cultural heritage, creating a legacy that resonates through time, inspiring generations to come.

Contact Us:

Feel free to get in touch with us for any inquiries, requests for additional information, or to inquire about our banking details. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated as we work together to make a positive impact.